WeShouldDoItAll — UVA

UVA is developing objects inspired by traditional craft skills, applied to a context of global design, technology and innovation, with the goal of empowering and reactivating Portuguese ancestral economies based in small workshops and handcrafted solutions. UVA's first pursuit is furniture design.

The concept for the identity is based on the idea that furniture design is often about the occupation of negative space filled by the human form, the mark's construction reflects that same methodology. WSDIA also developed print collateral, and the website.

La-Salete Rebelo Carvalho
Sergio Rebelo

Intro Image:
Miguel Flor

visit uva.pt

WeShouldDoItAll — UVA
WeShouldDoItAll — UVA
WeShouldDoItAll — UVA
WeShouldDoItAll — UVA
image by Miguel Flor
visit www.uva.pt (link above)