WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ

The main directive—architecturally and graphically—was to highlight the synergy between New York City and Nike, by examining sport themed floors through the lens of NYC. The direction is manifested through materials, imagery, illustration, custom typography in this six floor, 150,000 square foot space.

Nike’s Workplace Design + Connectivity (WD+C) team partnered with STUDIOS Architecture to complete the architecture, while Michael Spoljaric (Senior Creative Director, Nike Global Basketball) worked closely with WSDIA and a talented roster to implement all environmental branding components in the space.

Working closely with Spoljaric for over a year, WSDIA designed the indoor basketball court bleachers (with Corey Yurkovich), all wayfinding and signage—featuring a custom typeface made exclusively for the space—and numerous distinct branding moments. Notable pieces include: a 30 foot tall bark wall that nods to Nike’s Oregon roots; custom handmade rugs in various spaces, one of which—in the VIP Jeter Lounge—features all Yankees’ championship years; floor patterns derived from court lines and NYC’s bridges spill into the VIP Showrooms; custom running and basketball inspired CNC milled wall tiles; conference room ceiling tiles resembling shoe soles; a Michael Jordan mosaic tile wall; custom perforated locker patterns; and the art direction and curation of all illustration and photography for meeting booths.

STUDIOS Architecture

JT Magan & Company Inc.

Creative Director:
Michael Spoljaric, Senior Creative
Director, Nike Global Basketball

Project Executive:
John Shipman

Project Management:
Jeni Reetz, Nike WD+C Brand

Bleacher Design:
Corey Yurkovich with WSDIA

Brand Collaborators:
Dark Igloo, Carolina Moscoso, Braulio Amado, Alisa Keegan, Micah, Faust, Kam Tang, More and More Ltd

Bark House, Pink Sparrow, Lit, Axiom, Miniwiz, Artisan Signcorp, Color X


Winner of ArchDaily 'Building of the Year 2018' - Interior Architecture

WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
Custom Bleacher at 38' wide, 18' deep, 12' high. Exposed metal structure with maple court wood inlay.
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
New York City Marathon illustration by Carolina Moscoso
Custom Wall Tiles made of high density foam and finished with a satin white lacquer.
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
Work booths with typography by Faust
Conference Room sound deadening tiles depicting the bottom of Nike signature shoes.
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
Signage and Wayfinding system. Bespoke typeface, 'Garden'
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike NYHQ