WeShouldDoItAll — Nike 45 Grand
Nike 45 Grand

In 2016 Nike approached WSDIA to redesign 45 Grand, the exclusive fitness studio for VIP and influencers. The goal was to reprogram the space, putting an emphasis on service and custom amenity.

The idea of 'a box within a box' is manifested through contrasting material, color, and scale. The exclusivity and privacy of 45 Grand for it's guests, informs the spatial perimeter shield and maximizes workout area floor space. The use of clean aesthetics and dynamic interactive moments reinforces the concept of a modern gym. The space is completed with a grand awning/chandelier that transform the gym into an arena.


Creative Director:
Byron Merritt, Nike NABD
John Moon, Nike NABD

Project Manager:
Jennifer Hartwell, Nike NABD


WeShouldDoItAll — Nike 45 Grand
Entry & Reception with garage door up
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike 45 Grand
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike 45 Grand
Open versus Closed
Light Armature/Chandelier
WeShouldDoItAll — Nike 45 Grand
Floor Plans: Ground & Mezzanine