Nike North America Brand Design (NABD) approached WSDIA to complete environmental rollouts at both Moynihan Station and Nike’s downtown New York flagship store, 21 Mercer, for the release of their Tech Pack product series. Six distinct fleece jackets for the Fall/Winter seasons constructed of lightweight 3-ply fabric were developed for the Tech-Pack collection. With Nike’s product position of “Warmth Without Weight,” the environment immersed the consumer in a red space, providing visual cues of warmth.

The design solution was a large block containing all hero product, pulled apart to create a series of product cases. Each double-sided case stood 12 feet tall and wide, and provided displays for each garment type. The cases consisted of a structural perimeter ring with a jewel box interior that elevated the product presentation. A piece of the larger block housed the VIP zone and was used for lounge and product-seeding space. Embracing the concept of multi-layering within the products, and further playing on the jewel box idea, the cases sandwiched the garments between a series of clear and red translucent plexiglass. Continuing with the theme of weightless fabric, the products appeared to float within the cases. WSDIA designed both spaces in a two month timeframe. The concept acted as the template that was carried through to other flagship NikeTowns nationally, and other event activations and retail spaces globally.


Creative Direction:
Byron Merritt & John Moon, Nike NABD

Art Direction:
Emily Duell, Nike NABD

Project Management:
LeeAnn Winters, Nike NABD

Event Production:
Production Glue, BeCore and Atomic

Spatial Design:
in collaboration with Corey Yurkovich

Contractor/ Fabricator:



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