In September 2013, The Fay Jones School of Architecture (FJSoA) at the University of Arkansas opened a new building designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects. The new building put national focus on the school, creating an opportunity to roll out a refreshed brand and web presence in correlation with its new home. WSDIA was awarded the national RFP to develop the new brand, website, and all print collateral.

FJSoA consists of three programs: Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Architecture. The School was at a pivotal crossroads—the institution adjusting, transforming, and moving in multiple directions—and WSDIA concluded the brand identity should reflect this flux. The brand concept is two-fold: honor the past by branding the school simply as FAY, and simultaneously redefine what FAY means currently and in the imminent future. The movement and multiple configurations of FAY display the diversity of departments, many voices and personalities, new insights, and recontextualization of the word.


Project Management:
Marc Manack, Assistant Professor, FJSoA
Michelle Parks, Director of Communications, FJSoA


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